Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time Like the Present

There's plenty of time! I use to think so. You have seen all those books covering things to see or do before you die. I can guarantee that my sister had done none of those. Yet, she still managed to carve out a life for herself. As the years progressed, I think she had shifted her dreams and goals. I remember her feeling guilty that she waited so long to have a child, worried about finances and projects at work. The worry was for not, because she was going to encounter fertility problems. When she finally got pregnant, she would have a miscarriage. Her second pregnancy required hospitalized bedrest. She gave birth to a perfect, lovely baby girl, whom she would leave her job for, and become a stay at home mom.

She enjoyed being a mother, however she had some health problems. She called often and would talk about different pains that had to do with endometriosis and thoughts of maybe a bladder/kidney infection. After many doctor visits and ER visits, it was discovered that she had a cyst that would need to come out. Her baby was 16 months when the cancer was discovered. She lived until her little girl was 19 months. She was just getting started...even talked about homeschooling. Where did the time go?

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