Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Life of a Butterfly

A few years back I went to see the monarchs that migrated to Monterey, California. We can learn a lot from the beautiful butterfly. It has to struggle out of a cocoon. If it has any help, it will die. When it emerges from the dismal gray shell, it flies away in all its radiant color. Continuing its celebration of color, it lands on various flowers and shrubs for the nourishing nectar. Something hit me when I learned that butterflies only live for two weeks. Wow...all that struggle and ultimate beauty for only 2 weeks! Why bother?

Clearly it does not know how short its life span. The butterfly emerges, does its job, and is extinguished. We enjoy its unique beauty and appreciate its efforts at pollination. The butterfly blesses us for a short time and we are thankful.

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