Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm not in love with this Joni Mitchell song, but Amy Grant does a decent cover. I find the meaning profound and the words make me think of Guen.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two Unexpected Surprises

John James Audubon who in 1839 wrote of himself as " who never can cease to admire and to study with zeal and the most heartfelt reverence, the wonderful productions of an Almighty Creator."

We have lots of trees and vegetation in our backyard. Many birds fly around out there and I don't know what variety they are. One of them has a red breast, so I'll assume its a robin. The others have very pretty songs to sing and interesting colors. One day recently my son, Camden who is 11, was yelling to come to the back window to see something. He actually scared me, because he was practically yelling and couldn't get the words out. He said he saw a yellow bird with a black mask. Well I never saw it and was so bummed. Then I thought, "No, he must have made a mistake-that doesn't sound right."

Well wouldn't you know it, this morning I was sitting at our table looking out the same window and he appeared! I was so shocked and almost startled. I told him I saw the bird he was talking about, and he said a few times that he had not made it up. I found it online. It is a male yellowthroat warbler. We have the females too and they have no mask. They love our Acacia tree, and I have never seen it bloom so profusely as it is this year-must be from all the rain.

Last night Camden drew a picture and wrote on it "For Guen". I told him that was very nice and wondered what brought that on. He said he missed her. I was going to have him make a new one with corrections, but decided to leave it in its "original" form. I know it would bless Guen.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Her Birthday

Dear Guen we miss you today. We will be thinking about you all day. Hope they serve the fudgiest cake in Heaven. The sun doesn't shine as bright anymore and its too quiet without you. Love, Noni-Bill-Camden.