Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ordered Chaos

Death causes instant order. Whatever is going on in a person's life comes to a complete halt when someone you love dies. Out of nowhere comes a new schedule that will be followed. If you have gone through this experience before, you know how much work is involved to ready oneself for a week of funeral activity.
Tearful phone calls are placed and received. Food is planned for and purchased. Photographs are located and displayed. How does one sum up an entire life in one event? My brother-in-law did an outstanding job. He had the hardest job to do. While I was planning the food to feed the guests, he was picking out a grave site and organizing the visitation and funeral. In my sorrow, I kept asking God to get us through it, and kept asking for strength. I had visions of passing out and breaking down. I understand why people do that . Fortunately nothing of the sort happened and I was able to keep it together. I would have loved to have fallen apart but there were too many people to talk to and comfort.

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