Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

On Jan. 15, my mom called earlier than expected. My sister's planned surgery to remove an abdominal cyst was scheduled for that morning. I guesstimated when it would be finished and about the time that I would get the call that she was fine and in recovery. When I saw the time and the caller id said it was my mom, I thought "Cool! easier, quicker surgery than expected."

I cheerfully answered the phone. The call was to let me know that the surgeon interrupted the surgery to inform my brother-in-law that he had discovered cancer. I remember pounding my granite island over and over. I kept saying "No! Oh No! "

My mom asked me to look up some flight info as her surgery was in a different state. I had incredible difficulty focusing. I went upstairs right after that, while we were still talking. I started packing and was done so quickly. I didn't know if I needed to get on a plane that day. The trip actually came later. As I was packing, I said to God, “This is big...this is really really big!” How I longed for January 14th again. The flowers are from the reception.

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