Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time is "March"ing On

The fact that the 12th of the month comes and goes without upsetting me, must show some healing in my grief. At first I was so fearful of having to face it each month, then sad to relive it.

I had a new experience recently. I thought about calling Guen on the phone. For a few seconds I forgot I coudn't. I said in my mind, "I think I'm going to give Guen a call." Ooh weird.

A recent family birthday made me quite sad. Oh how I wished she was there for it.

There was an article in the paper for a cancer walk. Along with this they were asking for volunteers to participate in a cancer study for the next few years. The main information they needed were the volunteer's waist sizes. I did not understand the connection, so I looked it up. Waist measurements above 34.6 inches for women and 40.2 inches for men are strong indicators of cancer risk. Who knew?

Spring is coming. A baby bunny came to my back sliding door, got on his hind legs, and looked in. So cute!

The pictures are from 6 years ago. Guen was pretending to be one of those home shopping hostesses. She was quite good at it! Those were some fun, silly moments:)

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